AL, Xamarin and Azure sources and samples: WhatsApp, SMS and Apple and Android push notification… Soon will follow samples about: Line and WeChat messages, Alibaba Cloud and Shopify integrations, setup-up a payment with SumUP, ask to BC thought an Alexa Skill

How “Business Central OData V4 Unbound Actions” and “Xamarin” are a perfect match.

THE MOBILE PERSPECTIVE IN QUERY ODATA AND API I initially found it difficult to implement complex interfaces between Business Central and Xamarin mobile apps by using ODATAv4 and API Pages. Luckily Busines Central offers plenty of solutions to implement interfaces and both OData Bound and Unbound Actions are really awesome features. One of common scenario…

“Control Add In” in Business Central: why iframes are not a good idea?

BUSINESS CENTRAL CONTROL ADD IN IFRAMES Most of Business Central Control AddIns sample I found on the internet mostly uses the <IFRAME> to embed an external webpage or website inside Business Central page. This solution is pretty common because it allows to easily and quickly embed the page just by using the <iframe> tag. With…

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