My JSON To AL Converter


Since I am very lazy and I didn’t find any AL code generator I decided to develop it on my own.

My app gets a JSON file as input and, for each entity present, it automatically generates three files :

1) the AL table ;

2) the AL page ;

3) the AL API page ;

The AL code is SaaS/Cloud ready (I’m not sure if it works on OnPremise, but it should) . It is targeting the current Business Central version : 17.2. I am planning to migrate it as a Visual Studio extension soon.

It’s really simple to use, you have a demo video below.


If you don’t want to compile the VS2019 solution you can get the application executable from here:

It requires framework installed.


Source code is available.


This project is a fork of existing C# class generator from JSON.

JSON C# Class Generator (


8th of January, 2021

23rd of March, 2021 (updated github)

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